Vibrotechnick Engineering Product

Wet Proccessing

Vibrotechnick manufactures a range of wet processing equipment for various applications most applied in mineral and mining industries. A partial list of,  vibratory screening machines offered include: Fine separation plant, Hydrowash system ,Washing and Dewatering screens.

Vibrating Screen

Screen is a kind of sieving equipment that separates a mixture of various sizes of grains in different classifications, from fine to coarse materials. The screen makes grading operation based on the less size of the particles, and its capacity is as per the volume of bulk material.

Vibrating Feeder

Feeder is a kind of equipment used to continuously and homogeneously discharge the materials from preceding equipment, conveys and charges them to the next machine. Vibrotechnick has been designing . .

Spiral Elevator

Are vibrating conveyors applied for vertical transportation of bulk materials. In order to avoid any grain damages and any product loss during the transportation, using spiral elevator is the most convenient alternative.

Furnace Charge

Is a kind of conveyor especially suited for using in professional heat treating environment particularly in foundry industry. In foundry industry, regarding the non-ferrous feature of some materials such as ...

Compact Table

Compacting Tables are used especially in refractory industry to compact and consolidate materials. Vibrotechnick compacting tables compact the material through removing the air voids by making horizontal waves on the both structure and product without imposing Gravity Separation which is a significant point in producing refractory materials.

Shack Out

Used in foundry industries with co2 method in which due to the stiffness and hardness of the sand, imposing intensive impact is essential.

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