ECS Series of Vibrating Screen









ECS series is Eccentric motion type ran by an unbalance shaft oscillator composed of one shaft and two counterweights installed besides the machine.


ECS series is more applied in mining and mineral processing lines, cement, steel and sinter plants such as lime, dolomite, coke and so on.

However, in separating applications, this type is not as accurate as linear screens.

Installation figure:

Oscillator + Cardan + Electrical Motor (Direct Link)

Oscillator + Pulley and belt + Electrical Motor (Link belt)

Normally, the screen is positioned at the angles of 15˚to 25˚.


  • High durability
  • Low maintenance
  • High capacity
  • Safe operation


  • Inappropriate for accurate separating purposes
  • Higher-maintenance in comparison to EVS and MVS series
  • Long- term shut-down due to requiring a long time for montage and de-montage in the case of any probable problem occurs during the process
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