Fine Separation Plant

Fine separation plant is the most important machine utilized in the mineral processing industry. It is used to separate feeds containing solid and crushed ores down to approximately 20µm.
Vibrotechnick fine separation plant consists of a hydrosizer mounted over a Vibrotechnick de-watering screening unit. The hydrosizer fed by the wash plant discharge. The centrifugal separation extracts the ultra fine sands and silts discharging them out the underflow. The solids are leaving the hydrosizer and fed to our de-watering screen which is driven by 2 vibrators. The combination of rotation and stroke length made by vibrators create significant acceleration on the screen surface. It results in effective separation of water from the fine solids. Then the dewatered fines discharged from the screening machine at 75 ~ 85% solids.
The vibrator high frequency characteristics differentiate it from a normal vibrating screen. Our dewatering screens usually operate at different inclined angles and are more standardized and widely adopted in materials classification processes. It allows efficient cuts and fine separations, which can provide high purity and precise sizing control of the product. Common industrial applications include dewatering of materials, processing of powder in coal, metallurgy, sand and gravel, ores and minerals, and chemical industry.

•    Slurries in the construction sector (e.g. tunneling, and drillings)
•    Industrial slurries (e.g. coke dust, iron ore, copper, lead , zinc and silica)
•    Slurry dewatering in sand and gravel processing

Fine separation Screen selection

The selection on the screen type will be based on the materials that the equipment will be used to process. A significant problem occurs with screens because if the screen is not suitable for the material fed to the screen, the materials will blind the apertures and regular maintenance will be required. Different types of screens have been developed as per the applications and conditions to counter this problem.
In some applications fine needs to be separated from main material as valuable particles (in copper, iron ore, mineral industries…). Efficiently separating fine metal particles from raw material is a challenging and high cost process. Vibrotechnick is able to effectively handle such separation process with the lowest cost and maintenance.
•    Efficiency of separation up to 10microns
•    large process capacity, screening efficiency of up to 80%
•    Frequency design, effective control of particle size screening
•    Configuration high quality, high opening rate, long life of proprietary products-anti clogging polyurethane mesh (fine mesh of 0.1mm). to ensure the lowest production costs.

•    controllable flow rate of the feed







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