Vibrating Screen Products


Screen is a kind of sieving equipment that separates a mixture of various sizes of grains in different classifications, from fine to coarse materials. The screen makes grading operation based on the less size of the particles, and its capacity is as per the volume of bulk material.

The screens are categorized according to the application as below:

  • Grizzly Screen
  • Scalper Screen Multi Deck Screens
  • High Frequency Screens
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Washing Screens
  • Sizer Screens

1- Vibrating Screen:

Used in many key industries to sieve and grade bulk materials based on the grain size. Due to the high amplitude and frequency, vibrating screens are one of the most significant equipment in material handling solutions. Therefore, they need to be designed in a way that they can resist against the high vibration imposed on.

Considering some factors such as material variety, industrial applications, product conditions and the customer financial status, vibrating screens are driven by different equipment and varied in several types:

  1. MVS Series - (Unbalance Motor)
  2. ECS Series - (Shaft Driven Oscillator)
  3. ECCS Series - (Double Shaft Driver)
  4. EVS Series - (Mechanical Oscillators)
  5. AVS Series - (Magnetic Vibrator)




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